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magazine Patrones
19 reviews
One year (12 issues) for £127.50
Patrones is a fashion magazine in which every pattern is offered in a natural shape pattern as well as three sizes. The patterns essentially come from Prêt-à-porter fashions and come labelled by the different brands, thus enabling the reader to create her own fashionwear at a much more accessible price. In addition to the patterns, it also provides explanations and cutting plans that arrange the different sections in a manner that allows the reader to save fabrics.
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    Patrones No 392

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    Patrones: Reviews and opinions

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    I recently discover Patrones and I love the magazine,the only problem is the it's almost impossible to get the magazine in USA.I searched every where and I found service is excellent!
    Natalia Matusova on 29-12-2016
    Good: Very nice magazine.
    Less: I miss the good old haute couture touch though.
    Bad: It takes almost a year to receive the first issue after subscribing, which is very odd.
    Alyaa on 11-11-2016
    Esta revista me gusta mucho porque sus modelos son actuales.

    Deygia on 01-01-2016
    This is a very good sewing magazine with a range of different sizes, even though I do not speak Spanish I can still manage to follow the patterns, so far I have had no problems with the magazine. It is mailed to my home in Canada and I have already received half of my year subscription without and problems. The patterns are very modern and easy to follow. I look forward to seeing some more designers pattern that other reviews have mentioned. It is a shame we do not have easy access to this magazine in North America, many of my friends will like to purchase it. Very good magazine and customer service is very good when ordering through global magazines.
    Sarah on 18-03-2015
    I first started buying Patrones in Australia a few years ago but, it is a very difficult magazine to get your hands on so I subscribed with Global Magazines and have done so for a couple of years now.
    The designs in the magazine used to be intricate, stylish, challenging and fun, but now year after year, they are getting simpler and less challenging. In fact, I am now considering if the magazine is good value for money or not.
    Dana on 21-02-2015

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